Jimsworkshop - Things From the Lathe

Some of the items made using my lathe
Turned Vase and Goblet  These represent a couple of my attempts to develop a new skill - turning on a lathe. The vase is curly Maple; the goblet is made from Wenge.  Pepper and Salt Grinders  I made these salt and pepper grinders as a Christmas gift for my best friend and his family.  The mechanisms are from Craft Supplies USA, but the wood is from my stash.  Half Turned Box  This is the “Half-turned Box” from Doug Stowe's "Simply Beautiful Boxes". My version is a little smaller because of the size of the stock I had available. This is Cherry.  Inside the Half Turned Box  This box uses small barrel hinges. The inside is formed using a bowl carving router bit.  Deer Hunter Pen  This Deer Hunter Bolt Action pen is done is Kingwood and Pewter  Bolt Action Pen  This 30 caliber bolt action pen is done in Tru-Stone Turquoise and Chrome 
Bolt Action Pen  This bolt action pen is done is Chrome and Lava Silk Emerald  Bolt Action Pen  This one is 24kt Gold plated in Fall Camo  Christmas Ornaments  Here is an assortment of Christmas tree ornaments that I plan to sell at the parish craft fair.   These are made from small leftover pieces of pen blanks, bottle stopper blanks, and wood from my kindling pile.  SEGMENTED BOWL UNO  During the summer of 2021, I saw an article in Woodworker's Journal about making segmented bowls.  I decided to give it a try.  Here is "Bowl Uno". It was so much fun that I searched the web for more information and bought a few books.  Thunderbird Bowl  After learning how to make "feature rings", I made this thunderbird bowl using maple and mahogany.  Tornado Bowl  Another segmented bowl called a "Tornado Bowl" because the wood colors spiral around. Uses Maple, Walnut, and Mahogany. 
Yarn Bowl  This one is maple and walnut.  I made a jig to cut the "J" opening to turn it into a yarn bowl.  Zig Zag Bowl  This is another segmented bowl with maple/walnut.  South Western Blanket Bowl  This large bowl took several weeks to make, most of that spent on making the South Western motif feature ring.  Southwestern  Urn  This is my best work so far.  I made this for specifically for the SDFWA Holiday Gift Sale in Nov 2021.  The primary wood is walnut, but there is maple and wenge for accents.